Life is a balance. Relationships are about a balance of power. Our relationship to earth is a balance between using and preserving, our personal health (physical and mental) is a balance between too much and too little. How we interact with peoples outside our national borders is a balance between inclusion and exclusion.
I am using rocks as a metaphor for elements that are in a relationship with each other. If one rock is removed the balance is destroyed- the rocks fall. I am using stone walls as a metaphor for exclusion and inclusion. Walls, whether physical or invisible, are barriers. My stone walls are not mortared. They are structures of balance. Remove one rock and envision the collapse.
I ask myself and I ask the viewer -where am I / where are you in this balance-a disrupter or a person who maintains? I ask myself and I ask the viewer where am I/where are you positioned in relation to the wall – are you included or are you excluded? Do you build walls to keep in or to keep out? Are you an includer or are you an excluder? This body of work is not answering any questions-the only absolutes presented is balance.