Artist Statement

One knows that life is tenuous. Death is always the end product of life. To live is to die. All ponderings on death are done by the living. All fear of death is felt by the living. Death is what makes life precious. The loss of someone is a loss to the living. The loss of someone is about the person left alive and the past interactions the dead person had with the living person. This series of images allows the viewer to slip into the memories of someone who has died and who has left an empty place in the viewer’s life. Memories are what the living have of the dead. Memories are what enrich the lives of the living. These images are an exploration into empty spaces, empty spaces to be filled with memories. The images range in mood which reflects the nature of memories. This series evolved from the gun violence series Considering Harm. Considering the death of individuals leaves one to ponder the loss, the empty space that this individual has left on others-the living. The loss, the empty space is what marks the death of the individual. Forget-Me-Not images start where death left off.