Out of Context
Artistic Statement
I make my work in series. The work is inspired by cultural/political/social issues. The pieces stand together to make a statement. The work is to be seen as a body with an artistic statement that suggests to the viewer my direction of thought.
This series of work is a grouping of works on canvas that are oil and mixed media.
The paintings are in the tradition of brush and paint oil paintings. The extra elements are, for the most part, seed beads that are individually hand laid – the resulting images are process intense.
There are no politics in the grouping; there is no statement about cultural issues. There is only artwork. The pieces stand alone only supported by the visual continuity.
Art is a visual experience. The impact of the visual is made by the arrangement of the visual space, the choice of materials, the decisions made in the making.
This body of work is allowing the work, which was laden with content, to be freed of the context and be only about the visual experience. The work is now about the sensory experience of looking.
I don’t matter. My politics, my social stance, my comment on culture are unimportant. The work stands alone. The artist disappears and the visual impact of the work is what remains. This body of work is a test of the power of the visual, alone, without me hovering in the background. Pamela Flynn