The Space In Between

These small process intense pieces are part of a series that is not intended as a voyeuristic look at death, but instead is meant to initiate an examination of the inherent responsibility that goes with existing. This series is an exploration of the gap between the concept of the act and the act.
Each piece is generated from snapshots of dead animals (and the scene) that I have taken on my way to anywhere. The photos are manipulated digitally, printed, cut, stitched and adorned. The format is always a controlled multi-repeated rectangle, confining the image to a neat little space.
The work explores many different issues. Among which are: the use of technology to generate the work (from the killing to the photographing), the ability of art to quietly evoke visual memories, the juxtaposition of the uncontrolled and the controlled in living, the blurring of the boundaries between the serious and the trite.
This series is about action-time-space and the in between-where the action is realized-before the result is experienced. Passed events inform the images, metaphorically and concretely. Mixed media constructs the physical reality of the images; mixed memories allow the images to have meaning. This body of work is not about one issue. This work is multi layered. One must look past the obvious.
Contemplate the space in between.
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